Rajamouli May Not Be Wise, But Not Foolish

Rajamouli May Not Be Wise, But Not Foolish

The latest rumour engulfing upcoming patriotic drama set in the early 1900s era, SS Rajamouli's #RRR, is nothing but the remuneration of Bollywood hero Ajay Devgan. Apparently gossip mills are busy saying that he is pocketing nearly 30 crores for his 15-minute odd cameo in the movie as guru of Jr NTR and Ram Charan.

Well, that takes us to the point how our Baahubali maker would actually spend his budgets. Back then, when Rajamouli was questioned about the remuneration of few stars who made their presence felt in Baahubali, he said, "I may not be wise, but not foolish". And this applies very clearly to #RRR as well as the director takes every single call from artists to artwork to remunerations to locations.

How come anyone would be interested to put in nearly 30 crores for a single actor role, no matter how strong he is in Bollywood. Salman Khan would have done a cameo if Rajamouli approached him through Ram Charan's route, and any other big Telugu star would have done it for just a couple of crores. When Ajay's market is not some 300-400 crores, what is the point in roping him by paying such exorbitant price?

Does Rajamouli not think all these equations and chalk all the points to pay such huge remuneration? Maybe we have to say in his own way: He may not be wise, but not foolish, to pay such fat paychecks. Moreover, Rajamouli depends on himself and his screenplay more as one could understand he replaced 4-cr demanding Sridevi with 40-lakhs paid Ramya Krishna for Sivagami's role.

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