WOWW 151 with 151 - Caption on Chiru-Jagan Rocks

WOWW 151 with 151 - Caption on Chiru-Jagan Rocks

In the wake of Megastar Chiranjeevi meeting AP CM YS Jagan, there are many who are celebrating big time. Because after Chiru failed to attend the oath-taking ceremony of Jagan, there are rumours that the AP CM is not happy with the megastar considering the latter's closeness with late YSR.

Finally, with Chiranjeevi flying all the way to Vijayawada to meet Jagan at Amaravati, those people expecting this meet are super happy. One of such persons is none other than director Ram Gopal Varma, and on this occasion, he has stunned everyone with his fantastic caption.

Apparently Varma captioned the picture of Chiru-Jagan as 'WOWWWWW 151 with 151', literally showcasing the intelligent guy he is. While Chiranjeevi has done 151 films so far as the leading man, YS Jagan has won last election and became CM with 151 MLAs. That's a pretty interesting comparison.

As Varma took to Twitter to share this caption, many are actually admiring him, while there are those who asked him to pour all this intelligence into his films.

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