Bigg Boss3: Varun Fails Himself for Vithika, Again

Bigg Boss3: Varun Fails Himself for Vithika, Again

With only seven contestants left in the house and each one of them is anxious on who gets to go to the top five. At this crucial junxture, nominations today turns extremely critical and that led to some ugly arguments, finally ended when Bigg Boss nominated all of them for this week.

Apart from everyone being nominated, the arguments started as 'discussions' to convince the contestants standing at top rank boards to give away their place, later turned so mayhem.

Rahul gave away his place to Ali Reza after a cool discussion between them, while Sreemukhi failed to manage her cool and kept her anguish and usual nature out while discussing with Rahul. She completely lost her temper and got into some meaningless furor. Later Baba gave away his first place to Sreemukhi, cooling her down.

And next, Varun Sandesh who did not give his third place when Siva Jyoti discussed, gave away his place to Vithika, saying how 'important' is that to her and also slipped the 'wife' word. That did not go well with Siva Jyoti, who then came up on demanding the third place.  

Varun Sandesh completely lost his cool and stooped to many ugly levels down to support Vithika and during his argument with Siva Jyoti, Varun was seen making many silly gestures and threw many more unwanted statements. He failed to control his anger and totally lost his 'Mr Cool' fame, that he earned all these weeks.

Well, may be he knows what happens if Vithika goes into nominations and Vithika too many a time alleged Sivajyoti that the latter is trying to pull her into nominations. Varun Sandesh had been in nominations from three weeks and this time too.

So we know now that the weakest of them all goes out this time and let us wait till Sunday to know who that will be.

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