Gossip: Shriya's Smoking Habit Irks!

Gossip: Shriya's Smoking Habit Irks!

One of the happening heroine Shriya Saran has slowly lost her stardom but then she hangs around the film industry somehow that she will be sizzling in some songs, small roles and at award functions now and then.

Back to Tollywood after her marriage, Shriya is present at all the award functions where her dancing treat became mandatory. A rumour is now doing rounds that Shriya's latest smoking habit is worrying the organisers of her events as she is literally going out of bounds some times.

Recently when she's in Hyderabad at an award function, she's out from the stage to puff a cigarette nearby her caravan. And when few people clicked pictures of the actress as she smokes, she is said to have involved her bouncers before they deleted the pictures from the mobiles of those guys.

The organisers of the event are worried that if her image goes down with these acts, then their image will also go down. Firstly, they advised her to not smoke in public places and asked her to do whatever inside her caravan. We have to see if Shriya responds on these rumours.

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