Khaidi Trailer Talk: Perfect Title

Khaidi Trailer Talk: Perfect Title

For a time, Megastar Chiranjeevi's film titles have got limited only to mega family heroes but they are not using most of them. And there came Nani picking up 'Gang Leader' but that film hasn't lived up to the title and the success of Chiru's film of the same title did years back.

And here comes Tamil hero Karthi, who has lived up to the title "Khaidi" with his latest movie which is bang on target. The film is all about a Khaidi who comes out of the prison after 10 years and takes care of a rowdy gang that is after an 840 crore worth drugs being shifted by an honest police officer to another place. Director Lokesh Kanagraj chose a theme that has no songs, item numbers and masala factors, but then the way he projects heroism to the core is what impresses in this trailer.

Karthi's stunning presence, some terrifically filmed action sequences, high octane fights and chases, make this Khaidi worth a watch for Diwali if the trailer is anything to go by. Also, we must say that the content lives up to the title 'Khaidi', as Chiranjeevi has done similar emotional-action role in his film back in the 80s.

For now, it appears like Karthi has made proper use of the title and if he scores a hit at the box office, surely he will be doing proper justice.

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