#BiggBoss3: Mahesh Takes Revenge on Sreemukhi

#BiggBoss3: Mahesh Takes Revenge on Sreemukhi

As expected, Mahesh Vitta was eliminated from the show. First, Nag announced that Rahul Sipligunj is in safe zone. With only Varun and Mahesh left, Nag had given them the task of 'Amma Thodu Antha Nijame Cheptha' before finally revealing that Mahesh Vitta is eliminated. Mahesh's elimination hasn't made any inmates emotional. However, Mahesh touched the feet of Baba Bhaskar before walking out of the house.

Mahesh has thrown Bigg Boss Bomb on Sreemukhi. The Bomb is that Sreemukhi should clean up all the kitchen utensils from now on wards until the Bomb is removed.

Bigg Boss Round Up : Baba Breaks Down Into Tears

"Sunday is Funday," says Bigg Boss host Nagarjuna. But it isn't with the 85th episode of Bigg Boss Telugu season 3. The episode opened up with Baba Bhaskar breaking down into tears. The usually calm, reticent and smiling Baba Bhaskar turned emotional and cried in smoking room owing to previous day tasks (84th episode). Baba Bhaskar felt helpless after people who were close to him started blaming him. Interestingly, Varun had consoled Baba Bhaskar.

When Nagarjuna raised the topic, Baba got emotional again and cried again in front of Nag.

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