#BiggBoss3 Finalists: Who Among These Three?

#BiggBoss3 Finalists: Who Among These Three?

In case if Mahesh Vitta gets eliminated tonight from #BiggBoss3 house, surely the competition gets tougher among three contestants in order to seal a spot in the five-finalists club.

With top contenders like Varun, Rahul, Sreemukhi and Baba Bhaskar strongly positioning themself, and the need for Bigg Boss to evict two more from the house that also has Siva Jyothy, Vithika, and Ali inside, one will be excited to see who gets the ticket to finale. Though Vithika got an immunity card earlier, we have to see if she could evade eviction another time.

In that case, we will have talented guy Ali and smart lady Siva Jyothy in the fray, to get kicked out from the house. But then, if Vithika is also in the race, who gets saved to be in the house is a thing to watch. Many feel that Ali hasn't got votes earlier, but this time he could be the one to stay here for the finals. Then they have Siva Jyothy, who has enormous backing from Telangana fans, and that might save her, kicking Ali and Vithika out.

On the other hand, despite the fact that Bigg Boss 3 slipped into the final stages, the program is not getting desired attention as Season 2 did.

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