Pic Talk: Mega Brother's stunning makeover!

We see Mega brother Naga Babu either in Jabardasth show or small character roles in film. He appears like an aged man with partly salt & pepper hair and coming to his physique we all know that he is a bit his fat. These days Naga Babu has become health conscious and has started workouts too.

And his transformation is quite stunning. In the latest photo-shoot, Naga Babu is seen a lot younger and the costumes that he wore are very stylish. Among the three brothers, we can say Naga Babu is an energetic person and in the photo-shoot, he displayed it with his charm.

This is totally a surprise makeover by Naga Babu and we are not sure whether he is returning as hero or he just did for a change. Whatever it is Naga Babu is giving competition for his son Varun Tej.

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