Prabhas @ 40! Big Announcement coming soon?

Prabhas @ 40! Big Announcement coming soon?

Now that Saaho is over, everyone will be looking forward to Prabhas' next film, which is tentatively titled "Jaan" and will got for the next schedule very soon. But then, fans are waiting to hear some news from him.

As the Baahubali star is going to celebrate his 40th birthday on October 23rd, reports are coming up that he is gearing up for a major announcement. Few sources revealed that the actor will be making an announcement related to his upcoming film, but few hardcore fans who are in touch with the actor are commenting that it's not about film.

If not a film, what is that major announcement Prabhas is likely to make? Is he going to make a statement about his marriage with some new girl or confirm something else? Ever since this rumour is out, fans across the country are waiting to hear from the actor.

However, Prabhas has many times disappointed his fans by keeping mum on his birthday. With ten days to go for the big day, all we have to do is just play the waiting game.

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