Killer Jolly Is Hot Cake In Film Industry

Killer Jolly Is Hot Cake In Film Industry

The mysterious murder case in Kerala has shaken everyone as six people from the same family were murdered by a 48-year-old Jolly. The cops are currently investigating the case to bring out the hidden truth.

It is reported that Jolly murdered her husband, in-laws, three more family members at a period of 14 years (2002-16). She mixed cyanide into their food and murdered them, calling it cardiac arrests and accidents.

The case, though old, is being looked into only now i.e., just two months ago, after another son of deceased couple filed a complaint. And Jolly confessed all murders. While cops are busy in bringing more information from Jolly, the Malayalam film industry has already put an eye on this criminally insane case.

The murder case will soon be made into a film and bring its shocking deets on screen. Some of the filmmakers have already commenced announcing that a film will be made on Koodathai murder case. Also, they are planning to depict the life of the prime suspect Jolly Amma Joseph.

Producer Antony Perumbavoor made the first announcement on the film, following by a few more. Antony said that the film will have superstar Mohanlal as the lead actor. He will reportedly be seen as an investigating officer and this crime thriller will go on floors in the coming February.

Just a couple of days later, actor Dini Daniel claimed that she started shooting for the film based on the same murder case under Ronex Philip's direction. This film will have Dini as suspect Jolly in the name of Dolly. She also went on to unveil the film's poster. Produced by Alex Jacob, the film has been titled Koodathai.

Amidst these two movies' big announcement, here comes another film under the same script. Drishyam director Jeethu  Joseph, who is already making a crime genre, is said to be resculpting the script in terms of Koodathai's murder case. The film will also star Mohan Lal.  To much surprise, another aspiring filmmaker came forward announcing his interest in making a film on the same case.

Not only in films but the case also grabbed crime series directors as Mammoothy's upcoming fifth part of crime series will reportedly have Koodathai's murder case plot. While the real case is as scary as unprecedented, the filmmakers are already on fire bringing the original sketch as a plot to the big screens. Since too many directors are on the verge of making the same film, it has now turned interesting to see what will happen next.

The real story had mother-in-law dying after eating a soup in 2002, Jolly's husband dying aftere eating meals in 2008, Father-in-law dying in 2014, one-year-old nephew dying after eating breakfast and followed by 2011 two deaths.

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