Director, Young Hero and A Wig!

Director, Young Hero and A Wig!

In Telugu film industry, we consider having original hair on the scalp as a macho thing along with that twirled moustache. Though Hollywood has heroes like Jason Statham, a superstar with a bald head, we never witness such stuff. Even heroes are not ready to showcase their real look.

Here comes a young hero, who is worried that the front forehead portion of his head is lacking hair. He hails from massive film background and struggling to score a hit, but then, he is worried about his hair issue. As the director of his latest film asked him to sport a new look, the hero is said to be wearing a wig.

The problem with this wig is that setting it up every day, in the same way, is becoming a huge problem for the hair dressers. Also, the hero wants to hide this fact from this co-stars and others, and that is another issue as safeguarding a wig is no joke.

However, issues are said to be cropping up between the director and the young hero, as the filmmaker is insisting him to sport natural look than these artificial additions.

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