Amazon buys 'Sye Raa' for a record price?

Amazon buys 'Sye Raa' for a record price?

'Sye Raa' storm literally took Telugu audiences for a ride as they are enjoying it big time in theatres. Most importantly, the quality of the film where you can't define the difference between live footage and CG shots has captured the attention of everyone. That's what makes Sye Raa different from many patriotic films that are set in mid-19th-century backdrop.

Looking at the way Sye Raa is made, we hear that Amazon Prime is shelling out a huge budget to own the rights of the film. Though various figures are doing rounds when it comes to the rate at which Amazon acquired Sye Raa rights, we hear that the real figure is bigger than what anyone would expect.

As Sye Raa will have repeat audiences on digital streaming site due to its pan Indian appeal, and also with the film having four dubbed tracks already including that of Hindi, Tamil, Kannada and Malayalam apart from the original Telugu language, it will be a huge crowd puller for Prime Video too. Also, patriotic films are a huge hit on the internet, so this Ram Charan's production fetched huge sums.

Talk is that even if the theatrical release of the film causes crores of loss for Charan as he invested hugely, the digital streaming rights are going to push him into profits.

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