Rajamouli meets Ajay Devgan for #RRR?

Rajamouli meets Ajay Devgan for #RRR?

Ace director Rajamouli is coming up with #RRR as the whole of India is waiting to see his next venture in awe after he carved a name for himself with Baahubali franchise. And the director is leaving no stone unturned to make this new project a pan-Indian film by roping in actors from various top tinsel towns.

Like we revealed it already, Bollywood hero Ajay Devgan is playing a crucial role in this film as he appears in a prominent character that would drive the story to a new level. Other day, Rajamouli is said to have met Ajay Devgan at a star hotel in Hyderabad reveals some onlookers. Wonder what is this meeting is all about?

Actually Ajay is shooting in Hyderabad for his upcoming film and Rajamouli is said to have met him to explain the progress of #RRR and when his role will be shot, and where. It is just a courtesy meeting as Rajamouli wants to make sure that he gives quite a comfort zone to Ajay to star in this flick.

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