Wait For Two Weeks! Saaho is Coming On Prime

Wait For Two Weeks! Saaho is Coming On Prime

Around every big film, there will be this curiosity these days where people want to catch it on digital streaming apps as they haven't / couldn't afford to watch it in theatres for various reasons. And with 'Saaho' release completing 40 days already, many are eagerly waiting for the film to appear on Amazon Prime Video.

Reports are coming that Saaho will be released on Prime Video in the third week of October with 23rd being the tentative date. Both the Telugu and Tamil version of the film will be coming up on Amazon Prime, but for Hindi version lovers, they have to go for Netflix to watch the movie.

Generally, films with terrific content get repeated audiences in theatres itself, but for the kind of content Saaho has, it might get such audiences on digital streaming only. Also for those kids and families who might have missed the film as there were no big holidays that time, Saaho on digital streaming apps is a feast for sure.

On the other hand, Saaho wrapped its full run at the box office after collecting 232 crores share from the box office with 20% losses in most areas excluding north arena.

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