Is Sye Raa Result Worrying Rajamouli A Bit?

Is Sye Raa Result Worrying Rajamouli A Bit?

One might put it this way: Had Sye Raa become a sensational blockbuster that crossed Baahubali's numbers, then Rajamouli would surely the pressure of delivering something bigger than that. Now that Sye Raa is doing good only in Telugu states and having no chance to cross Baahubali 2 figures, why would Rajamouli worry?

Those numbers are not the thing we are talking about, but it is the reception of audiences that might be a bit of concern for the leading director now. All said and done, movies with freedom struggle as a backdrop are failing to get the right reception at the box office. Before Sye Raa, we have films like Thugs Of Hindostan, Legend of Bhagat Singh, Bose, Mangal Pandey and many, which have excluded item songs, dance numbers and romantic stuff in the name of patriotism. And all those films met the same fate at the box office.

Now that Rajamouli is coming up with #RRR, surely he has to pull off another Baahubail like stunt with all the ingredients including dance numbers, punch dialogues, and an item song. But if Rajamouli sticks to patriotism theme and avoids those stuff, then what is going to be the future of this multi-starrer that features Charan and Tarak in the leads?

Well, if there any gaps in #RRR so far, this is the time to seal them off as Sye Raa has taught enough lessons when it comes to patriotic films, no matter how many big stars we have inside the movie.

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