Will Charan Allot Full Time To #RRR Now?

Will Charan Allot Full Time To #RRR Now?

Not just one schedule or two, but almost three months of time allotted to #RRR by mega hero Ram Charan got disrupted, courtesy Sye Raa. Due to last-minute tensions related to VFX work, post-production and other release issues, this hero has taken a break from the prestigious film being directed by Rajamouli. Now that Sye Raa is over, what's next for him?

Naturally one expects Charan to allot his fulltime for #RRR now as he has already taken enough breaks from the shooting. Charan himself clarified that he took Rajamouli's permission to take a break but rumours are emerging since then that #RRR might miss out announced releaes date due to this. At a time, fans are looking for an assurance from the mega hero that there will be no more breaks, here comes the twist.

With Ram Charan taking the onus of producing Megastar Chiru's next as well, which will be directed by Koratala Siva, one wonders if he will be on sets for this movie as well to monitor the shooting progress. If that is going to happen, then Charan may take occasional breaks from #RRR again.

Insiders revealed that Charan will not be looking into production aspects of #Chiru152 physically and he will be allotting time only to #RRR from now.

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