Must Watch Trailer: George Reddy, A Forgotten Revolutionary

Must Watch Trailer: George Reddy, A Forgotten Revolutionary

George Reddy is the name synonymous with the revolutionary character of Osmania University students and he is often regarded as the Che Guevara of Hyderabad for his ideologies and aggression. Killed at a young age of 25, his story was almost forgotten as authorities and political system has safeguarded the persons who ended him for their own benefit.

Director Jeevan Reddy of 'Dalam' movie fame is now coming up with the film titled 'George Reddy' that has actor Sandeep Madhav playing the title role. The teaser of the film got released today and it is giving goosebumps for sure, for two factors. One is the very story of George Reddy, a university gold medalist in physics and a boxer who fought with upper caste people against inequality and who is the cult figure behind starting thee student's union PDSU.

The second fact is that director Jeevan Reddy and the background score composed by Harshavardhan Rameshwar have played a terrific role in making this teaser an attention grabber. Till date, many don't know about this story, but the teaser has the power to clutch people to theatres now.

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