BB3: Himaja's Happy Dance Over Punnu's Elimination

BB3: Himaja's Happy Dance Over Punnu's Elimination

Yesterday's Punarnavi's elimination has brought viewers to great relief, stating that they are happy to see her go out of the house. It is said that viewers are annoyed at her childish behaviour, her cuss words on contestants and humiliating Rahul every now and then. Moreover, it was also speculated that she would be getting the least votes this time in 11th week. But Rahul, who became emotional during Punarnavi's exit, has generated strong rumours this time, questioning their relationship.

In the midst of all these, former contestant Himaja Reddy is celebrating the moment of Punarnavi's elimination by dancing her heart out. She Instagrammed a video where Himaja is seen dancing her way to happiness in front of the TV showing Punarnavi's elimination announcement. Himaja, who got eliminated in 9th week, must be perhaps waiting for Punnu's elimination too. She also captioned - This is only a Reaction to an Action of punnu..Like how u reacted to my action with your comments.. so kindly understand Think positive.. PUNNU TOLD ME THAT LETS HANGOUT ONCE WE R OUT... chillax.. "

The video has received mixed responses. On the one hand, Punarnavi's followers slammed at Himaja for enjoying Punnu's debacle and on the other hand, Himaja's fans supported her actions. It is known that Himaja and Punarnavi did not share a good rapport in the Bigg Boss house. Moreover, Himaja stated that she and Punnu will have fun and start a new chapter once they both come out of the house. But look like the situation is still on fire.

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