Talk Of Town: Why Punarnavi Didn't Hug Rahul?

Talk Of Town: Why Punarnavi Didn't Hug Rahul?

On Sunday night, it's not a major twist as many are anticipating that Punarnavi will be out of #BiggBoss3 owing to the fact that the other contestants in the elimination zone are none other than Rahul, Varun and Mahesh. As expected, she's out, but the twist is that she hugged everyone while stepping out, except Rahul Sipligunj.

Though they called themselves as good friends, both Rahul and Punarnavi enjoyed sort of a love-chemistry throughout the show until her exit. Though Punarnavi didn't cry huge when Rahul got eliminated (secretly for a day) earlier, Rahul, on the other hand, broke into tears after Punarnavi's exit. And then, why she didn't hug him became a big topic now.

Some say that Punarnavi wants to send a message to Bigg Boss that she should be sent back to the house to finish out that missing hug. But that might not happen as her presence is disturbing the balance inside the house as she ganged up with Varun and Vithika big time. On the other hand, Punarnavi doesn't want to create a scene before going home as her parents (and boyfriend, about whom she confirmed on the show) might ask about hugging Rahul.

Anyway, Punarnavi's attitude might help Rahul score more points now as a sympathy wave might get invoked in his support now.

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