Knife & Pepper Attack: Sye Raa Canada Shows Cancelled

Knife & Pepper Attack: Sye Raa Canada Shows Cancelled

Chiranjeevi's Sye Raa which is already struggling with her under performance and trying to pick up in weekend in the US and Canada got another setback. The film's Telugu shows in Ontario city of Canada have been cancelled today.

According to reports, two unfortunate incidents which took place separately in Ontario today are said to be the reason for cancelling Sye Raa shows. It is learnt that a male suspect had entered Landmark Cinemas and pulled a knife and had cut the screen. The suspect then sprayed beer / pepper spray-like substance at audience and fled the spot.

The first incident took place in Kitchener and the second one in Whitby, both in the province of Ontario. It is suspected that the target was specifically related to the Telugu film Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy. Concerned about similar incidents taking place and potential that someone could be seriously injured or killed, the shows of Telugu movie Sye Raa have been cancelled at Toronto, Canada.

Syndicate Behind This?

According to some local reports, a local syndicate (a Telugu and 3 Tamilians) in Canada is said to be trying its best to cancel the shows of Sye Raa. It is buzzed that the said syndicate group used to distribute regional films in their known chain of theatres - 4 to 5 Desi screens and used to report less collections. For example if a film collects 100k USD in the theatres of their hold in Canada, the said mafia would report only 20k or 30k USD.

With Sye Raa, a Punjabi has acquired the rights and released the film in popular Landmark & Cineplus theater chains. Naturally, it hasn't gone down well with the syndicate who feared that the actual figures may come out and reportedly doing all attempts to stall the shows.

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