Can This Young Lady Turn New Sensation?

Can This Young Lady Turn New Sensation?

Ever since the first-ever poster of upcoming film 'Romantic' is out, surely all heads got locked to one thing. That's nothing but the glamorous look of sexy model Kethika Sharma, whose nude back raised the mercury levels. And that's what led to this now.

We are hearing that there is a lot of buzzes and enquires about Kethika right now, as many directors and producers want to know about her acting skills. Back in the day, we have the likes of Ileana whose waist show in debut film led to sparks in Telugu film industry. And now, it looks like Kethika is up for creating similar glitters as she flaunts her voluptuous curves in her debut film.

While this hottie's Instagram is full of those sensational ravishing poses, Telugu industry folks are looking forward to seeing if she could become that new sensation in Tollywood. These are the days where we have some talented actresses making headlines, but none are talked about for their glamour. Will Kethika takes that place? Let's see.

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