Bandla Ganesh-PVP War : Botsa & Vijay Sai Reddy Involved

Bandla Ganesh-PVP War : Botsa & Vijay Sai Reddy Involved

The finance dispute between PVP and Bandla Ganesh related to Temper movie has gone wrong with both leveling accusations against one another. Both PVP and Ganesh have lodged complaints against one another. While Ganesh had complained to Banjara Hills police against PVP alleging him of threatening and sought protection from him, PVP had lodged complaint in Jubilee Hills police station accusing Ganesh and his aides of trespassing into his house and creating nuisance and threatening him. It is learnt that Jubilee Hills police have filed an FIR against Bandla Ganesh based on PVP's complaint.

As per reports, Bandla Ganesh is trying to mediate with PVP through higher-ups in YCP. Ganesh is said to be in Vijayawada seeking appointment of top bosses of YCP. Since Ganesh has close proximity with minister and YCP's senior leader Botsa Satyanarayana and Vijay Sai Reddy, he is said to be trying to put pressure on PVP through Botsa and Vijay Sai Reddy. The ongoing issue of PVP and Ganesh is said to be bringing head-ache to YCP leaders as the party is being dragged into personal rivalry.

PVP said to have financed Bandla Ganesh's production Temper to the tune of Rs 30 Crore. However, Ganesh failed to clear the balance Rs 4 Crore before the film's release and PVP had approached Erramanzil court in the matter. Ganesh claimed to have put his land documents as guarantee for the film's release and had promised to clear the due after film's release. As per Ganesh, he had cleared the balance 4 Crore after the film's release. This is where the bone of contention is. Ganesh claims that PVP is now demanding interest on the amount and said PVP had approached court again. Ganesh claims the court has favoured him.

Meanwhile, PVP differs with Ganesh. PVP says Ganesh owes money and he is trying to evade. This finance dispute between Ganesh and PVP has now blown out of porpotion with both parties leveling complaints against one another. Recently, Ganesh and PVP were bumped off at a five-star hotel in Hyderabad which led to present crisis. Ganesh said to have sought PVP to settle the issue out-of-court and even sent his aides to PVP's house. But PVP told Ganesh to come to his office in Jubilee Hills. In between, both parties have lodged complaints against one another. Temper is 2015 film that has been in several controversies. Even actor and producer Sachiin Joshi had also accused Bandla Ganesh of defaulting him money that he had took as debt for Temper.

With YCP's bosses involvement, one has to wait and see whether Bandla Ganesh and PVP resolve the issue amicably or not.