#SyeRaa: Costly mistake behind 'Mega' failure

#SyeRaa: Costly mistake behind 'Mega' failure

To carve a film of such stature, structure and star cast, one needs to pour humongous budgets and that is what Ram Charan has done for Sye Raa. But to take the very same film to the audiences, maybe they need to spend more time than money, over promotions.

The biggest and grave mistake committed by Megastar Chiranjeevi and his son Ram Charan regarding Sye Raa is that they have calculated North India box office as the way they look at Telugu states. Here in AP and Telangana, one pre-release event and a couple of posters on the walls will do for superstars to bring huge footfalls to theatres.

But up north, we are relatively new faces, and that is the reason Prabhas toured almost 25 cities in 10 days to promote Saaho despite the fact that he has huge craze engulfing him after Baahubbali franchisee's success.

Paying no heed to such demands, Chiru failed to promote the film big time in Bollywood. Other than giving a couple of interviews, he has neither toured any city up north nor took part in any leading TV shows or tried to interact with media folks there. Perhaps that is the reason why Sye Raa made only 2.5+ crores nett on its Day 1 from Bollywood box office.

This is a costly mistake committed by Charan and Chiru together after making a film with 280 crores budget. They should have emulated the Bollywood promotion model to reap more benefits, but going by the current rate at which the film is churning out from Hindi box office, it's not that great.

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