Gossip: Heroine's Father Afraid Of Her Affairs

Gossip: Heroine's Father Afraid Of Her Affairs

She happens to be a star heroine who has her reign in the south. And this lady is also known for her love affairs too. Though outsiders won't have a clue about it, the whole of Telugu industry insiders know how she used to go around with a present-day Telugu star who got a big status now.

After slipping into depression due to her recent breakup with a businessman who hails from North but settled in Hyderabad, she took some time to recover. Though she is busy in films, some say that she is constantly seeking love from someone. And there comes the father part now.

Worried that his daughter will fall in love with someone again and then gets her heartbroken at a later point of time, this starlet's father is making sure that he safeguards his daughter by keeping men away from her. At every shoot, meet and any event, he is always present by her side, constantly protecting his daughter from future lovers.

Well, how long one could restrict someone from falling in a love affair again? Maybe this father should teach his daughter how to handle breakups.

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