Kapu And Reddy Pressure Worked For Sye Raa?

Kapu And Reddy Pressure Worked For Sye Raa?

Apparently the talk in Hyderabad is that 'Sye Raa' movie is being denied permiessions to screen six shows in a day in Andhra Pradesh. But then, we have AP Govt giving the much-needed permission. A back end to this, the makers and distributors of Sye Raa are said to have asked all the theatres to issue tickets without any worry for all the six shows even before the government gave nod.

A little gossip is being heard in this connection it took quite a while to convince the YS Jaganmohan Reddy led AP Government to give permission to Sye Raa additional shows. For reasons unknown, bureaucrats in Jagan's government haven't yielded the permission to Megastar Chiranjeevi's movie. But then, the makers of Sye Raa are said to have rolled out the 'Kapu' dice, using the Kapu leaders within YSR Congress to exert huge pressure.

If that is on one side, some prominent Reddy community bigwigs hailing from Telangana are said to have got in touch with Jagan's men to make sure that Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy gets the desired permissions to rake up huge moolah at the box office. They are those big 'power wielders' who never like to hear the word no.

Quick math by anyone in Telugu states decodes who those Kapu and Reddy are that have rallied behind Sye Raa.

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