After Coffee, Ram Gave This 2 Lakhs Rupees Gift

After Coffee, Ram Gave This 2 Lakhs Rupees Gift

Hero Ram is known for his love towards director Puri Jagan who gave him much needed break of his career through Ismart Shankar. During the filming of that movie, actually the hero presented an imported coffee to the director, which is a stunning of sorts because it is actually made through different methods.

And now, on the occasion of Puri Jagan's birthday other day, Ram has bestowed him with another interesting present. He has actually given him a small Bluetooth speak which could be connected to mobiles and laptops for listening to songs, which actually costs more than 2 lacs!

'Devialet' is an international brand known for producing speakers that have superior audio delivering quality. Now the one presented by Ram to Puri is Devialte Phantom Gold that has titanium made tweeter to it and costs around $2990 in the USA. Such an expensive gift showcases the love Ismart hero has towards his creator.

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