When You Want Sex, Just Have It: Star Heroine

When You Want Sex, Just Have It: Star Heroine

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut is known for her outspokenness and bold views. Her statements on various issues and her colleagues often land her in unwanted controversies. Now, latest comments about sex at India Today Mind Rocks 2019 have become a hot topic.

Kangana participated in a session, titled Never Say Die: The Queen of Reinvention. She said that sex is an important aspect of everyone's life. "When you want sex, just have it. Don't be obsessed. There was a time when you were told to marry someone, and your emotions were directed towards that person," Kangana said.

Kangana then went on to reveal that her parents were shocked when they found out that she was sexually active. She then goes on to make more bold comments. "Parents should be happy with children having sex. Children should have responsible sex. Parents should encourage children to have sex," said the 32-year-old actress. Well, Kangana surely knows how to make heads turn!

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