Pic Talk: Dusky Singer Endeavours At Hotness

Pic Talk: Dusky Singer Endeavours At Hotness

Very rarely we see singers succeeding as actors on the silver screen and we have the name of dusky beauty Andrea Jeremiah in the first row if we have to talk about one. She's both hot for her songs and those appearances in films.

Here comes Andrea again, attending an event other day in Chennai, where her fashionable looks have taken everyone by a surprise. Inside the photoshoot, she's seen flaunting her charms in designer wear as her sensuous looks and ravishing cleavage did the talking. Flaunting all of her sex appeals, we have to say that Andrea proved that filmmakers are not having a look at her properly.

Despite the fact that Andrea impresses with her curvaceous looks most of the time, somehow she is not a sought after siren for filmmakers. Even though she has done a couple of films like Yuganiki Okkadu and Tadakha, she never got the desired break in south film industries. Hope her new endeavours at hotness will bring her one.

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