Superstar's daughter workout video stuns you

Superstar's daughter workout video stuns you

Aamir Khan's daughter Ira Khan has been in the limelight of late for many good reasons. After confirming her relationship with her musician beau Mirshaal and announcing her directional debut, Ira is once again on headlines, inspiring people with her excellent dedication levels towards fitness.

Ira told earlier that she is not interested to enter Bollywood and prefer working backstage in theatres and off-screen in movies. She had now shared a great video of her aerial form workouts, trying to cross and climb over a stick. Ira Instagrammed the video with a caption, ''Whoops... I'm okay.''

The video shows Ira is trying to improve her muscle strength with this unique style of workouts and we believe this is one of the secrets to her amazing beauty. The workout from which can be seen in the video is a complete package of gaining strength, flexibly and balance. A woman like Ira who works 24/7 with college and theatre works, is like a movement therapy to her. She looks inspiringly sexy doing the workout and just like her father Aamir, Ira is also a fitness freak and sticks to her goals.

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