Samantha Rejoicing In Art, Pet Dog And Fashion

Samantha Rejoicing In Art, Pet Dog And Fashion

If the queen bee's Instagram stories are anything to go by, then we could easily derive how she's enjoying her life right now. While shooting for 96 remake on one side, it looks like Samantha Akkineni is chilling out and rejoicing with her favourite stuff on the other side.

Meanwhile, Samantha is seen enjoying the artworks gifted by her fans to her. One work is done entirely by writing the words Samantha have impressed her big time. She even collected the final work of the artist along with her husband Chaitanya. At the same time, Sam is said to be spending a lot of time with their pet dog Hash Akkineni as she shards a lot of videos of him.

And back in the business, she's sharing her fashionable pictures from a shoot where she appeared super sexy as usual. Also, her lunch poses with her stylist and makeup artist also sounded pretty impressive along with the some of the protein meal and breakfast details she shared.

Seems like Samantha is completely rejoicing in all these things as she looks forward to coming up with good films at the box office.

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