#BiggBoss3: This Twist Is Really Unexpected

#BiggBoss3: This Twist Is Really Unexpected

"He's trying to take up an old issue of Himaja and trying to corner me" accused Rahul Sipligunj. "All these days I've treated him as a brother and never pointed fingers at his aggression. But I can't tolerate this attitude for long" commented Varun Sandesh. This is how a 'gang of four' featuring Varun, Rahul, Vithika and Punarnavi is on the verge of a split.

Quite unexpected twist this is inside the Bigg Boss house as everyone thought that this gang will corner Sreemukhi in the task and make her the loner. Actually, both Varun and Rahul came to an understanding about playing the game and how much physical they would get into it. But suddenly, Rahul showed his aggression as he wanted to win the task by putting up a heroic performance.

"People forget the friendships just for one task and start targeting friends. Never expected that Varun will target your (Rahul) aggression" says Punarnavi, adding that Sreemukhi is best capitalising on this chance to break out their friendships. In reality, Sreemukhi got nothing to do with the issue, but it looks Punarnavi's loose talk has no limit.

With this unexpected twist coming up, one wonders how the final weeks of Bigg Boss are going to turn out.

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