#BiggBoss3: Rahul-Varun's Fight Disrupts The Friendships

#BiggBoss3: Rahul-Varun's Fight Disrupts The Friendships

The task is about getting bricks from the pool area and taking them through the house to the garden area in order to build a house. Whichever couple has many bricks in hand will be winning it.

While the ladies Vithika and Punarnavi tried to remain out of the task, Sreemukhi and Ravi put up super performance together by trying to build a house, taking bricks carefully. However, Rahul tried to snatch bricks from Varun and that led to chaos.

Rahul accused that Vithika tried to hurt him by pinching and scratching him, but Vithika shot back saying that he has pushed her violently, hence the retort. Though it could be seen on video that Rahul got into aggression to lift up Varun Sandesh and mow him down in order to snatch bricks away from him, the singer started defending that he didn't put up any rude performance. Later both Varun and Rahul shouted at each other, through housemates tried to calm them down.

Later Varun accused that Rahul is no less than Ali Reza when it comes to hurting others in the task, and also confirmed that Rahul is not even following any rules they thought of following during physical tasks.

As usual, Punarnavi tried to mock others when there is a need for her to take a stand, as she started shouting that when Rahul-Varun are fighting, Sreemukhi and Ravi are winning the task.

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