Sye Raa In Court: What Are Previous Judgements Saying?

Sye Raa In Court: What Are Previous Judgements Saying?

Taking their stir to next level, one Dastagiri Reddy who claims to be a descendant of Uyyalwada Narasimha Reddy has taken the issue to Court along with four other family members. Their primary demand is to make the film's release halted and the film is screened to them before issuing a Censor certificate. Also, they demanded a royalty to be paid.

With the film Censored already, there is no chance of stopping the certification and the counsel representing Sye Raa makers made it clear to Andhra Pradesh High Court that there is no need of showcasing the film to Uyyalwada family as they won't have any proprietary rights over the story of the freedom fighter.

Previously in cases like Mangal Pandey and Veerappan, High Courts have ruled out family members having any rights over the story, because a historical or public figure's life belongs to the nation and anyone could make a film on it. At the same time, AP High Court itself gave a judgment in favor of the film 'The Dirty Picture' when Silk Smitha's brother objected over the biopic.

Regarding the 20-50 crores, money Uyyalwada family is demanding, Sye Raa's advocates confirmed that their producers will be helping the family for education and medical expenses but won't give them any money at all.

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