'Maharshi' Writer Impressed Nagarjuna

'Maharshi' Writer Impressed Nagarjuna

Remember the names, Hari and Solomon? These two are the co-writers of Mahesh Babu's recent hit "Maharshi" that was written and directed by Vamsi Paidipally. After the super success of that film, both these writers are said to be trying their luck individually as they want to turn directors now.

Other day writer Solomon is said to have narrated a script to Nagarjuna, about which the senior actor got excited. An improvised and better version of the story will be narrated to him soon, thus helping Solomon to make his debut as a director. This is not the first time Nagarjuna worked with freshers as he has the credit of introducing most newcomers to Telugu industry as directors including Ram Gopal Varma.

On the other hand, many writers who are part of blockbuster movies are immediately debuting as directors but tasting only flops. The likes of Vakkantam Vamsi, Sreedhar Seepana, Srinivas Veligonda are examples of those writers who worked as lead writers for many movies but still failed with direction. Then the likes of Vikram Sirikonda who worked with Surender Reddy on the screenplay of Race Gurram debuted with Touch Chesi Choodu, and the result is known.

So writer Solomon should have clarity that writing is different from the direction but not just translating whatever written on paper to screen.

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