Charan Anna And NTR Garu Brought My Stress Down -Varun Tej

Charan Anna And NTR Garu Brought My Stress Down -Varun Tej

The night before the release of "Gaddalakonda Ganesh" movie, it is tough for the makers of the movie to digest, as they have to go for a title change of the film. Producers of the film along with director Harish Shankar took that call to change the title of the movie from Valmiki to GG, and many wondered what has Varun Tej done at that time.

"That day I'm quite stressed, nervous and a little down. I've called my brother Ram Charan, and he asked to come over home, where he and Jr NTR garu are sipping a coffee" says Varun Tej, explaining that took place on that stressful night. "Both Charan anna and NTR garu explained me the things they went through in their careers and life, and that brought down my stress, before lifting up my spirit. I've to thank them a lot", Varun added.

After doing #RRR, it looks like Charan and Tarak have emerged as thick friends and the way they are meeting over to sip a coffee is really amazing. At the same time, their guidance to a young hero like Varun Tej is also worth talking about.

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