#BiggBoss: Four Big Wigs In Nomination Zone

#BiggBoss: Four Big Wigs In Nomination Zone

As part of the Monday program, the nominations are here again. Contestants are paired and made to answer questions like why should they go to the finale? and how strong they are than opponents? This resulted in huge mud-slinging, character assassination and unwanted ego flare-ups, but then, all the strong contestants got nominated again.

Sreemukhi Vs Jyothi
Both started blaming each other while answering those questions, as Sreemukhi termed Jyothi as an emotionally weaker one, too boring and unfaithful contestant, while Jyothy alleged that Sreemukhi plays foul games and not so powerful in tasks. After getting three votes each, Baba Bhaskar voted in favour of Jyothi, so Sreemukhi got nominated.

Vithika Vs Ravi
Vithika pointed out all the flaws of Ravi, making fun of his 'crying' all the time. Ravi alleged that Vithika is known for spreading negativity and he is stronger when it comes to not pointing fingers at others. With 5 votings for Vithika, Ravi got nominated.

Varun Vs Rahul
If there is a pair that didn't speak negatively about each other and made the sweet talk, it is these two. But the genuineness Varun Sandesh showed in praising Rahul and asking everyone to save him from nomination because Rahul wants to stay cool at least for a week by not being in eviction zone, is really touching. And except two, everyone voted to save Rahul, so Varun Sandesh go nominated.

Punarnavi Vs Baba Bhaskar
While Punarnavi seriously made pointers that Baba Bhaskar is never seriously playing the game, the choreographer has even made fun of that. In case if Sreemukhi has voted for Baba Bhaskar like always she did, he would have got saved, but she picked Punarnavi. That made him enter the nomination zone.

Unlike all the time, Bigg Boss hasn't asked Mahesh to nominate someone directly and that resulted in Sreemukhi, Ravi, Varun Sandesh and Baba Bhaskar into nominations this week.

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