#BiggBoss3: Sunday's episode is of different shades

#BiggBoss3: Sunday's episode is of different shades

Last Sunday's #BiggBoss3 episode is of different shades, but the arrival of Varun Tej has simply changed the graph of the show as he broke everyone into laughs with his one-liners and one-word punches on the contestants.

The episode opened with Punarnavi feeling sad for the exit of Rahul Sipligunj, where others tried to console her. Especially the all-fair Varun Sandesh explained to her that this is how the game goes on. Later, everyone got ready for another elimination which they felt is easy to handle because they have all guessed it right.

Himaja got eliminated from the show as expected but she hasn't cried like others. It is Siva Jyothy who cried for the loss again. But the way everyone recited the hymn 'Himaja.. daring.. dashing.. girl' is excitedly good. Later Himaja cried on the stage when she is alongside Nagarjuna stating that she is not able to mingle with all due to some circumstances from her past.

Meanwhile, Varun Tej has arrived on Bigg Boss stage to promote Gaddalakonda Ganesh, where he treated the housemates to dialogues. Later when the girls in the house are asked to propose to Varun Tej with a flower, Punarnavi said she can't to which Varun Tej countered, 'Maybe she has done that elsewhere already', indicating about Punarnavi-Rahul chemistry.

But Siva Jyothy proposed well in the proper Telangana slang, impressing everyone with her acts and Varun Tej stated that her proposal is terrific. Later Varun Tej wished all of them good luck and he shined love on Sreemukhi and Varun Sandesh.

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