Talk of the Town: Pawan's treatment to a Fan

Talk of the Town: Pawan's treatment to a Fan

Like all the time, a fan lurked behind the police personal, security rings and other media photographers until he got a chance to climb the stage and run. After getting the right chance, he sprinted towards exuberated Pawan Kalyan who is giving his speech already. Boom!!

These scenes are quite common in pre-release events, but other day Pawan Kalyan has once again showcased that there is no need to hurl away such fanatic fans. At the pre-release event of Sye Raa movie, when Pawan is speaking, this fan charged towards him in a bid to touch his feet. Security personnel immediate caught the guy and when they are about to drag him, Pawan asked them back off. He warned them to leave that guy as is. Later Pawan hugged that guy and sent him off from the stage.

This act of Pawan Kalyan is getting applause from many quarters and his fans are actually raising their collars, highlighting his behaviour and nature. On a serious note, that is a breach of security because he's not just a film hero now but also a politician who should be given protection.

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