Vijay Deverakonda Getting Repetitive?

Vijay Deverakonda Getting Repetitive?

No doubt, the first look of Vijay Deverakonda from World Famous Lover is intense. But there is a sense of deja-vu. Heavy smoking, uncontrollable anger and anguish persona shown in the look reminisce us of Arjun Reddy. While Arjun Reddy saw Vijay as an angry man who can't control his anger and is addicted to alcohol, smoking since he can't forget his love Preeti, the World Famous Lover first look also indicates to be something similar that revolves around love and pain.

Even Vijay's last film Dear Comrade too has similar shades. Though it has layers like women and sexual abuse, but the characterization of Bobby has similar shades like his aggressive nature, anger and has no control over himself.

With anger being the common point in Vijay's recent films, the question is whether Vijay getting typecast with such kinda characterizations? And the directors and producers also seem to be banking on Vijay's Arjun Reddy image as it would be a safe bet. And Vijay too seems to be not coming out of Arjun Reddy hangover or his obsession for anger. Looks like Vijay is unknowingly doing the same thing over and over again.

Given his huge stardom and massive fan following, Vijay needs to be more conscious while choosing his roles and he should ensure there is change in the character arc of his roles by not sticking to a pattern.

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