Ranveer Singh Takes The Fashion Game To A Crazy Level

Bollywood's Bajirao and heartthrob of many, Ranveer Singh is one of a kind. From being an actor to an amazing rapper, Ranveer is all about versatility. His energy, sense of humour and witty answers have always hit headlines. But there's one more thing that makes him stand out in the crowd, his wardrobe.

His fashion sense is becoming bizarre and unusual day by day. Some might like it and some may not. But, is he ever gonna stop with these new experiments? Maybe not. There is no denying that he carries craziness with a panache. Some of his weirdest looks reflect his sense of style. He is synonymous with everything that doesn't fit into a conventional way of dressing.

Some of his fashion outfits included rugged jeans, psychedelic printed shirts, skirts with pleats, harem pants, floral-printed shirts and all funked up vibrant colours in one go. He sometimes dresses like a jazzy magician or may appear will just regular home pyjamas. Nevertheless, his atrocious style proved him to stand out of the world.

He has never shyed away from experimenting with new and weird outfits. He defines the trend and took the fashion in his style. Eccentricity comes naturally to him and that is his charm. In fact, fashionistas will call him disastrous and his dressing sometimes looks out of place, but he is brave to work on his body. In fact, his recent appearance at IIFA 2019 was no different. Ranveer wore a quirky shirt and pants in a unique way of tying a red scarf like a bow and a tight ponytail.

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