The Latest Gossip On #RRR Songs

The Latest Gossip On #RRR Songs

Some gossips are erupting time and again about #RRR and how director Rajamouli is handling certain things. In reality, none knows the truth about #RRR except the lead actors that were part of it. The latest gossip is that the film has only three songs. Is this true?

To be frank, Rajamouli is such a filmmaker who loves to play to the galleries. And to make a film commercial click, he believes that there is need of song and dance. Even though if there is only one romantic song for Charan-Alia Bhatt or for NTR and other heroine, there might be a song each to tell us about freedom struggle, how these protagonists got driven towards revolution, what did they realise at the end and etc.

As the subject deals with periodic India, surely there is a need for songs to take care of the story progressions, and we could easily expect 5-6 songs from the filmmaker. So there is no point in talking about songs or gossiping that there are only 3 songs in the film, as the director haven't even spoken about it.

A source informs us that there are a lot of bit songs as well in the movie that caters to each situation and sequence. Just hope, Rajamouli will not extend #RRR in the end as Part 1 and Part 2 like how he did it with Baahubali.

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