Pulihora Talk: Prabhas To Play Ravana In Ramayana

Pulihora Talk: Prabhas To Play Ravana In Ramayana

With a big film announced, surely there will lot of fodder around it for gossip mills. One such project is none other than the 1000 crore budgeted announced by Allu Arvind, which will be directed by Nitesh Tiwari of Dangal fame. And the big rumour around it is the presence of Prabhas in it.

Apparently, a talk has come out from gossip circles that Prabhas is going to play a negative role in this mythological film Ramayana, as he is gearing up to play the demon king Ravanasura. Earlier there was talk that Hrithik Roshan is roped in to play Lord Rama and Deepika Padukone will be seen as Sita. It looks like Prabhas inclusion is the continuation of those rumours.

"If at all Prabhas wants to play a role, he will do the role of Lord Rama, why Ravana," asks his fans, while responding about this rumours. But recently during the promotions of Chichore movie, director Nitesh Tiwari clarified that they haven't prepared the script yet and only after finishing the first draft, they will be approaching any actor.

If his words are anything to go by, Prabhas playing Ravana is just a pulihora talk only.

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