Uyyalawada Descendants Demanding 2 Cr From Chiru

Uyyalawada Descendants Demanding 2 Cr From Chiru

Couple of days we have already advised that Megastar Chiranjeevi and Ram Charan should steer clear out of the mess Uyyalawada Narasimha Reddy family is creating for them. But what makes the mega family slowdown on this?

A source close to megastar revealed that though the people close to Chiranjeevi including his fans association president Swamy Naidu are trying to solve the issue, a section of Uyyalawada family members is demanding 2 crores as 'royalty' for making a film on the erstwhile freedom fighter about whom India never knows.

However, if the demand of one section of the family is met, with almost five families (almost 70+ members) claiming to be the legitimate heirs of Uyyalawada and fighting legal suits in the court of law, definitely every other will make the same demand. Also when the Court has not yet decided who is the legal heir, it will be another immoral act to pay someone for making a film on Uyyalawada.

As per the law, there is no need to pay money or anything to anyone for making a film on the life of a public figure. So legally there will be no sanctity if Uyyalawada's family continues their stir against Ram Charan, except creating some headlines for news channels for a couple of days.

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