#BiggBoss3: Varun Rationality & Wife's Silliness

#BiggBoss3: Varun Rationality & Wife's Silliness

On Episode 59 that was aired last night, it appeared like Vithika nominated Himaja for a silly reason that the latter failed to save Mahesh. But the inner motto is that Vithika is dead angry with Himaja for the task she made her husband Varun Sandesh do.

Well, when Punarnavi ranted about nominating Himaja, Vithika is all happy. Punarnavi got a grudge on Himaja because the latter laughed when Nagarjuna scolded Punranvi for being rude, tempered and arrogant. But then, Vithika's evil laugh has a reason, as she feels that Himaja is an unworthy contestant who made Varun lie down in a cow-dung bath.

Overhearing the conversation of Vithika and Punranvi, the all time rational Varun Sandesh tried to explain that when someone (Sreemukhi) got a permanent tattoo to save him, it's no big deal to slip into a dung bath to save someone else from nomination. However Vithika tried to argue that she feels great for what her husband has done, but not for someone else.

The irony is that she feels great for what her husband has done, but made sure that the hard work of her husband gets soiled by nominating Himaja again. Her silliness gets exposed time and again, but only luck is saving her from eviction all the time.

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