Fans Upset with Pooja Hegde Going out Of Shape

Fans Upset with Pooja Hegde Going out Of Shape

One of the most sought after heroines at the moment in Tollywood is none other than Pooja Hegde. Also, she is rumoured to be the most expensive heroine at the moment here with films of Prabhas, Allu Arjun and other heroes in hand.

Guess what, other day when Pooja is heading out from the gym, she posed to the paparazzi waiting outside in her no-makeup avatar. What stunned many is her little plumped up avatar as she happens to be losing her curvaceous look big time. As Pooja has shot to popularity after her spicy looks in DJ Duvvada Jagannadh charmed Telugu folks, definitely she should be safeguarding her beauty.

Though Pooja is an avid gym freak, one wonders if the work pressure is taking on her and she is giving up her diet as she has put oodles of weight. There are times when actresses lost their careers after they put on weight and lost the charm they carry with them. No matter if feminists are going to put up a demand that one should be happy with their physique, this job doesn't suit such activism.

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