Nani Will Cool Down And Heat Up In Bangkok

Nani Will Cool Down And Heat Up In Bangkok

There are two opposite poles in our superstars. The likes of Mahesh and Ram Charan are known for taking inadvertent breaks between their films as they love to holiday a lot. Then the second category is Jr NTR and Nani who doesn't like to chill on vacations but only spend most of their life on film sets.  

After the wrap-up and release of "Gang Leader", guess what Nani is doing. He will be following the same old formula with a slight twist. As usual, the natural star is not taking any break but flying to Bangkok to take part in the shooting of Mohan Krishna Indraganti's upcoming film "V". And here comes the twist.

Unlike involving only in work, this time Nani will be cooling down his heels too as his wife and son are also accompanying him to Thailand. It will be a mix of pleasure and work for Nani this time, as he is wearing the shoes of a villain in "V" which has Sudheer Babu in the role of a police officer.

On the other hand, Nani's Gang Leader is doing well at the box office. The only thing to be seen is if the film could continue its run for the next couple of weeks to paddle distributors to safe shores.

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