#BiggBoss3: Interesting Nominations From Phone Booth

#BiggBoss3: Interesting Nominations From Phone Booth

Bigg Boss arranged a phone booth where they get phone calls and will be nominated straight and giving the option of saving themselves by asking others to do a particular task. All the people didn't get a chance to complete nominations in Episode 58, and here is how it happened.

As she answered the phone, Sreemukhi got nominated first, and she could save herself if Baba Bhaskar shaves his beard to a clean. The choreographer readily agreed to do that, saving the popular anchor.

Later it is Punarnavi's turn, and she will be saved from nomination if Rahul Sipligunj drinks 20 classes of bitter gourd juice. As Rahul completed the task, she got saved.

For Varun Sandesh, Big Boss gave the option of convincing Sreemukhi to get Big Boss eye tattoo etched, to save him. Sreemukhi obliged to do so and saved Varun.

When Mahesh is nominated, he's assigned the task of asking Himaja to give up all her clothes and makeup kit, to which she said yes. But as Himaja didn't keep whole of her clothes in the storeroom, he got nominated.

Baba Bhaskar is given the option of asking Ravi to get his shoes painted with a colour. As expected, he did it to save the choreographer.

Bigg Boss asked Siva Jyothy to save herself by asking Mahesh to get his hair dyed in red colour. He did it, saving the V6 anchor.

The toughest of all went to Varun Sandesh; When Himaja got nominated, she is given the task of asking Varun to lay down in a bathtub filled with cow dung. Without any second thoughts, Varun agreed to do so. And he did it.

Still, we have Vithika and Ravi left to do their nomination task.

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