Gang Leader 1st Weekend Report: Strong and Steady

Gang Leader 1st Weekend Report: Strong and Steady

Unfazed by the mixed reviews of critics, Nani and Vikram Kumar's Gang Leader is doing well at the Box Office. According to trade reports, Gang Leader, which released on September 13th, has raked in a world-wide distributor share of Rs 15.7 Crore in first three days. While the film earned 12.67 Crore share in Friday, Saturday and Sunday in domestic market, the Vikram Kumar's heist thriller earned 2.38 Crore share in the first weekend US including the Thursday premieres. This is good show by Nani and Vikram.

Interestingly, the film passed the Monday test and it said to have registered good numbers on the first Monday. The hilarious revenge drama is getting good applause from family audience and youth alike. Below is the break-up of first weekend in shares.

Area-wise break-up (In Share)

Nizam : 4.66 Crore

Ceded : 1.41 Crore

Vizag : 1.57 Crore

East : 1.06 Crore

West : 0.64 Crore

Krishna : 0.93 Crore

Guntur : 1.03 Crore

Nellore : 0.35 Crore

Bangalore : 1.02 Crore

USA : 2.38 Crore

Rest : 0.65 Crore

Total WW 1st weekend : 15.7 Crore (Share)

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