Two Factors Shining All The Luck For Gang Leader

Two Factors Shining All The Luck For Gang Leader

Irrespective of the fact that the reviews of Gang Leader turned out to be pretty average, the film is now drawing good crowds. Fantastic box office figures registered in Telugu states and the USA are a testimony of this. And they say, there are two factors that are actually shining this luck on the movie.

No matter how the film is, Nani could pull the audiences like a magnet. This is because of the belief movie lovers have on him as he always excels in his roles even if the film is not interesting. And that is helping big time for his new movie "Gang Leader". The second factor is none other than director Vikram K Kumar who created a special brand for himself by delivering films laced with interesting screenplay and detailing of even minutest elements.

And average moviegoers are not disappointed with Gang Leader as they are happy that they have seen an intelligent comedy movie that entertained them well. With word of mouth being very positive, the hilarious family thriller is making its mark.

With the USA collection $750K already and over 50% recover of investment in Telugu states, the film might continue its dominance until Sye Raa arrives in theatres. Valmiki will be no threat to it, as that is a mass movie.

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