Mass Cinema Chesthe Aa Kicke Verappa: Varun Tej

Mass Cinema Chesthe Aa Kicke Verappa: Varun Tej

Mega hero Varun Tej, who is playing the dreaded gangster Gaddalakonda Ganesh in his soon to release gangster comedy 'Valmiki', is very excited about acting in his first ever mass film. Speaking at Valmiki's pre-release event, Varun Tej revealed that his uncle Megastar Chiranjeevi always used to you tell him why he used to act in out and out mass entertainers.

"Daddy used to tell me that I will know the kick in acting in a mass film only when I experience it firsthand. Mass cinema chesthe aa kick e verappa (There's no match for the kick in acting in a mass film). Thank you daddy, because of you, I have now experienced what a mass film truly is," Varun said.

Talking about his another uncle, Pawan Kalyan, Varun said that his babai has watched Valmiki's trailer and appreciated his Telangana dialect. Varun went on to say that he is thrilled to have worked with director Harish Shankar, who had given a the much needed blockbuster for Pawan with Gabbar Singh.

Varun concluded his speech saying Jai Hind, similar to his uncle Pawan Kalyan. He thanked all the Mega fans for their continued support over the years, and hoped that they will make Valmiki a big hit on September 20th and Sye Raa a much bigger hit on October 2nd.

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